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My name is Monique and I come from the Netherlands. I have 3 grown up children and 3 grandchildren.
Besides working at a lingerie store I often look after my grandchildren.

I love spending my leisure time making Waldorf dolls, sew clothes and construct textile arts. 
Furthermore I am fond of cooking vegetarian.

I am qualified and have been practicing yoga for 30 years. When Kamrin invited me I was delighted to offer a yoga class at the Seminar.

Making dolls can often be a strain on hands, neck and shoulders. For that reason a yoga
session would be a good way to start your new workshop day in a relaxed way. 

Make sure you bring along a comfortable outfit so you can easily move around. 
Bring along a yoga mat if you have one or a towel. 

Looking forward to seeing you at the Seminar next year!

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