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The first workshop (11th & 12th June 2020) is a two-day class intended for advanced people. Our babies will be very movable, with needle felted head & tummy, and rolled limbs. You'll have to crochet a fluffy mohair wig.

Price: 450,- Euro


The second workshop (13th & 14th June) is a two-day class for beginners in doll making with basis sewing skills (ladder and mattress stitches) and some crocheting competences (crocheting in the round). We'll make 8" babies with waldorf heads and face, rolled limbs and crocheted mohair wig.
Price: 450,- Euro


A non refundable €100 deposit will be asked to secure your place. I'll accept 8 students for each class. If less than 6 students are registred for each class, i'll be obliged to cancel the workshop (and send you a refund, of course).

The price is for one 16 hours workshop (from 9 am to 12 am and from
1 pm to 6 pm) and includes the following supplies: a pre-sewn body, Dollymo yarn for the wig (fluffy mohair for the advanced level class, curly mohair for beginners), carded wool, sewing and embroidering threads.

You will have to bring: scissors, tweezers, forceps, calipers, tape measure, a rolling tool, at least 5 medium and 5 large felting needles, a multi needle felting too, finger protections, a long
sewing needle (13 cm / 5.5"), regular sewing needles, glass head pins, size 2.5 mm and size 3 mm or 3.25 mm hooks for the fluffy wig (advanced class), size 4 mm for the curly yarn (beginners).

If you don't own a specific rolling tool for small dolls, you can buy our handmade ones (and get them on the first day of the workshop). This will be a detail to settle after the inscription.

Thank you for your interest. Feel free to contact me via Facebook to ask any question before registration.

I can't wait to meet you there! Winter

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