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The European Waldorf Doll Making Retreat is here soon.This retreat is for doll makers worldwide of all skill levels with the same interests. We will share and create in an inspiring environment, offering workshops, lectures, a textile market and a special yoga class.


We will facilitate participants in specialized doll making by top professional doll maker artists. You will have the opportunity to network with influential doll makers and much more.

The atmosphere is homely, informal and relaxed in this unique and  peaceful woodland area in the Belgian Ardennes.


Register today and join us for a unique and inspiring experience.

The European Waldorf Doll Making Retreat is a wonderful introduction to the Waldorf doll making world. Here you can meet like-minded people, attend doll making classes, exchange experiences, make friends and build networks whether you are a hobbyist, beginner, an advanced  or a professional doll maker.


You will be treated to a variety of doll making classes instructed by talented doll maker artists from all over the world In a historical location.

The venue accommodates our students and the meals are served here. In the evenings all the participants are free to connect or to relax. We will also organise a Textile Market in the weekend. Vendors will be offering doll making related articles. 

This European Waldorf Doll Retreat will be held from Wednesday May 31st till Sunday June 4th 2023. The first day will start as a "Meet & Greet" followed by workshops the following days.

We have chosen the venue Clairefontaine, a monastery in Arlon, Belgium as an excellent location to hold classes and at the same time to accommodate teachers and students. 


The organization is run by both my husband Berend and myself (Kamrin). 
We have chosen a 2-yearly event due to the time we use to devote to set up, plan and organise everything. 
We’re very pleased and thankful that our friend Véronique Geimer from Luxemburg will be co-hosting the coming event in 2023. 

We hope we have inspired you to join this exceptional 5-day event and look forward to welcoming you in Arlon soon.  



Four years ago I felt I needed a new challenge and came up with the idea of organizing an event to bring together doll makers and offer doll making classes. I was a member of the Guild of Waldorf Doll makers in the Netherlands for many years. The Guild came to an end and it seemed a good idea to establish a similar doll making event and to involve other European doll makers. 

During a conversation, a friend doll maker Agnieszka Nowak suggested to make it a European event which led to name the event "European Waldorf Doll Seminar", not realising at that moment interest would be so wide and globally spread. In April 2016 the first European Waldorf Doll Seminar which was a try-out event was held at the venue Mennorode in Elspeet, The Netherlands. The doll makers we had invited were all volunteers. For most of them this was a huge step and a challenge as they had not given doll making classes before. I was glad to succeed in finally convincing them. For me a blessing to see that the Seminar has set a trend to Waldorf doll making classes.

A small group of mainly Dutch and a few international doll maker artists came to teach. Due to the unexpected enthusiasm after the first event we decided to repeat the Seminar and make it a 2-yearly event.

The second Seminar was held in 2018. More tutors were invited due to the growth of the number of participants. The event appeared to be an even bigger success attracting a lot of interest within the Waldorf doll making community.