To attend the workshops TWO SEPARATE PAYMENTS will have to be made.


First buy your ticket to enter the Eurapeon Waldorf Doll Retreat by scrolling to the top of the homepage.

This ticket includes, registration fee, administration costs, workshop venue. consumptions offered during the workshop. This also includes the opportunity to offer one item for sale during the textile market.

This includes A FREE YOGA CLASS and coffee and tea during the workshop hours.

The tickets DO NOT include the doll making workshops, flight or car transport, insurance, accommodations and meals.


Workshop fees vary according to each individual teacher. Each tutor offers different prices for her workshops. Find out more what each tutor has to offer.

Book directly on the Tutor Page.




Chalet Clairefontaine

Welcome to EWDOR 2020. Our team has worked hard on organising an exciting schedule full of interesting workshops and engaging events. Explore our website for all the information and book your room after you have contacted the tutors and have paid the workshop fee!



Here is a list of available rooms at the Chalet Clairfontaine for booking.

Breakfast is included in the price:

Single bed per room € 44 - Private bathroom

Double bed per room € 34 - Private bathroom
2 Single beds per room € 29 per person - Common bathroom - bring own towels along

3 Single beds per room € 29 per person - Common bathroom - bring own towels along

5 Single beds per room € 24 per person - Common bathroom - bring own towels along

Breakfast 9 Euros (included)

Lunch 12:00 am 17 Euro

Dinner 6.00 13 Euro

On Site Camping

Camper 2 places

Off Site Camping

External Hotel
Please Book by contacting the venue


Here are 2 hotels within a 5 minutes distance from in Eischen Clairefontaine.

1.Hotel de la Gaichel

prices are € 145 for a single room, and from € 185 to  € 270 for a double room. Breakfast is included.

2.Auberge de la Gaichel,

modest but is still very nice : prices are € 75 for a single person and € 95-€125 for a double room (in total € 50-65 per person) breakfast is included. 17 rooms in total

Auberge de la Gaichel 10-20 persons, whether they choose single or double room without paying special meal, or 34 when we pay one meal per day.

Hotel Jacoby, address: Rue de la Gare, Kleinbettingen, Luxemburg

Hotel Auberge de la Gaichel; Maison 5, Gaichel, Luxemburg

Hotel van der Valk. Route de Longwy 596, Arlon Belgium