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I am pleased to offer two 2-day workshops, one on June 11-12 and

second one on June 13-14. I will teach the same topic at both courses.


Create a complete 12'' doll with North Coast dolls


You will learn how to sculpt a head with needle felting techniques, to stuff the body with wool and to needle felt some body's parts (buttocks, knees). A wire armature will be used to strengthen the neck. New body pattern has been especially designed for this workshop with more realistic shape and curves. The body will be pre-sewn by me in advance however pattern and instructions will be provided. You would need to choose the skin color of your doll and I would be happy to send samples upon request. We are going to use a pre-made mohair wig that will be available in different colors and lenght. You will be contacted at a later stage about skin and hair options and your choices have to be made before the workshop. 


On the day of the workshop you will receive a set of: pre-sewn body, mohair wig, wire armature, carded wool, different threads, pattern and instructions for the doll. I will be happy to include pattern and instructions for one outfit as well.


You would need to bring with you the following : stuffing tool, scissors, felting needles, long dollmaking needle, normal darning needle, tape measure, pins.


Previous dollmaking experience would be helpful for you, basic hand sewing and embroidery skills are needed.


You would be kindly asked not to take videos during the workshop, you are however allowed to take pictures. It is with pleasure that I will bring a doll in order for you to see a finished one.


The timing for both days is 8.30am-12am / 1pm-6pm. My workshop will be open for maximum 10 participants. The spoken languages are English, French and Bulgarian.


I am pleased to offer the two-day workshop for 440 EUR per person. 


If you are interested in taking part of my class, you would need first to buy your entry ticket from the European Waldorf Doll Making Retreat 2020 website and than to contact me to book the class at


Thank you !

Kindly, Meglena