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Workshop: Baby Fairy Doll

Beginner / Intermediate



Fairy Doll 38 cm



Date: 12th and 13th June, 2-day workshop


What doll are we making. We will create a Beginner / Intermediate fairy doll about 38 cm. The doll has fairy ears, her hair is made of mohair. The doll is stuffed with wool. You will receive a PFD template for the pattern pieces and written instructions to be printed. Some of the techniques this class entails are: hand-stitching, embroidering dolls eyes, sculpting with needle and thread, sculpting with felting needles, stuffing with wool (no rolling wool), so we cover a lot of doll making procedures which mostly I consider basic to intermediate in level of difficulty. Tools and materials you need to come with are; scissors, hand sewing needles, embroidery needles, wool batting, clothes.
You will supply you with fairy wings and underwear for your fairy doll.

The price for the class is € 375,-. It includes pattern templates, instructions, doll body, wig, fairy wings, underwear and many more.
the workshop is two full days