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​Payment Two: 385 USD to Fabiola (approximately 345 euros)

Maximum number of students: 8

I am so pleased to come to Arlon and teach you how to create depth and more realistic features on your doll's faces with the aid of needle-felting techniques. 


This is an Advanced Dollmaking workshop, not suitable for first-time doll makers. If you have made a couple of Waldorf dolls or have some experience with needle-felting, you will find it much easier to take the class. I don't discourage the adventurous doll maker however so you are very welcome to come if you really want to push your doll making boundaries. I will guide you with expert hands and you will learn a lot.


This workshop will teach you how to needle-felt a doll's face, without the use of stockinette to first form the head. You will learn head shaping and face shaping as well as how to add a nose, cheeks, lips, chin, eye sockets, forehead and how to do it in a way that the face is not only smooth but extremely firm to hold the fabric over.


You will then cover the head in fabric and I will teach you needle-sculpting and draping techniques so you can uncover all the lovely details you needle-felted. We will not be covering eye embroidery but I can direct you to some of my free online tutorials for that. The finished doll's head will be around 7" in circumference. I will not be providing a body pattern but can direct you to suitable patterns for doll bodies.


You will go home with a full PDF file of step-by-step photo instruction so you can make and practice more once you go back home. 


The workshop runs for one full day, beginning at 8:30 AM and ending at 6 PM, with a one hour break for lunch. To attend this workshop you will have to make TWO payments.


Payment One: Purchase your seminar ticket from the International Waldorf Doll Seminar website. Upon purchase of your ticket, you can then contact me to book your class.


Payment Two: 345 euros (via current USD exchange to me).


Payment one covers your entry to the seminar, plus all available amenities from the seminar organizers. 


Payment two covers your workshop tuition BUT NOT materials. I will give you a handy list of needle-felting needles and tools to bring. I will supply you with a pre-made felted core head plus all wool necessary to add the features. You must bring your own skin fabric to cover the doll's head, as you can then go home and use the same fabric (from the same dye lot) to make a body for your doll. 


None of these payments cover accommodation, transportation or anything else. 


Upon payment, you will receive a confirmation email from me, with all pertinent info regarding the workshop, plus a list of homework in preparation for the class, and tools to bring. 


RESTRICTIONS. You are warmly encouraged to take all techniques and instruction shared with you and apply them to your own body of work. You are not allowed to share the digital file shared with you, in any of its parts or in any form. The e-book and instruction are under copyright to Fabiola Perez | Fig and Me Toys 2019.


Thank you so much for trusting me to guide you in this doll making journey and for allowing me to share my passion with you. See you in Arlon!