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Creating a Waldorf Inspired Doll

Classic Style, approx. 40 cm 


11th June (whole day) & 12th June (morning session)




















During this workshop we are going to create your

own Waldorf inspired all natural doll.

We will model the doll’s head using

traditional techniques of European doll making,

crochet an especially fluffy doll wig, stuff pre-sewn

body parts firmly and evenly, assemble the doll parts

with the limbs free movable and pose able and finally 

stitch the dolls face. 

- Maximum 8 participants

- Included: materials, no tools

- Date and Time: morning and afternoon sessions day 1, morning session day 2

- Fee: 350,- Euro per participant.




Creating a Miniature Teddy Bear,

Classic Style. 


12th June (afternoon session) & 13th June (morning session)


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During  this workshop we are going to create your very 

own fully jointed one-of-a-kind miniature classic style teddy bear, 
inspired by traditional mid-century teddy bears  -  a little 
heirloom and companion to your doll, your child or yourself. 
We will be hand sewing the pre-cut bears head, body and 
limbs. We will also be modeling the head, installing the 
handmade glass eyes, use cotter pins, assemble the bear 
parts in a natural way, stuff and weight them. You will learn 
how to sympathetically age your bear to give him lovely vintage 
look and hand paint the head, body and limbs for more 
No bear making experience required. Basic doll making 
skills could be useful.

- Maximum 8 participants.

- Included: all materials, no tools.

- Date and Time: Afternoon session day 2,

morning session day 3

- Fee: 185 Euro per participant.

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