11-12 June  &  13-14 June


June 24, 2023

My name is Agnieszka Nowak. I was born in 1973. I live in Warsaw, capital of Poland and I'm a visual artist by school. Since 2011 I work under the name Lalinda ( My adventure with Steiner dolls began in Waldorf kindergarten where my son attended. Now making dolls it's my full time job (I have registered company). 

Sewing dolls become my deepest passion. I've learned a lot since I started. I was the first one in Poland who have a business with Waldorf toys so many techniques I needed to discover myself. Very quickly I was asked to share my knowledge with others and this way I started to provide workshops. My mind is always busy with searching for new techniques and materials which may enrich my work. It's ongoing process of self improvement for me as a person and my 'cloth children' as well. I create different toys - mostly dolls (big and small, girls, boys and baby dolls, simple Waldorf and sculpted), time to time animals (crocheted, felted, sewn) and suitcase sets with mini worlds inside. Although I'm over forty I still have a child inside and love fantasy stories. Creating unique toys allows me to share my fascination for natural materials with others. It's unbelievable what human imagination and two hands can do!  

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Agnieszka Nowak


11-12 June  &  13-14 June

Small doll with sculpted face

Number of sessions: 4 (plus extra 1-2 hours after first day evening session if needed)

Number of participants: 8

Price: 225 EUR (all materials included)

Expectations from participants: basic sewing skills; needed tools: scissors, sewing and felting needles, crochet hook, pliers or stick for stuffing (these who can't bring needles and scissors because they will travel by plain please contact earlier so we can provide it on site).

Description: small dolls are very handy for children to play with but quite difficult to make. Tiny details need extra care and effort. During workshop participants will make a doll 30 cm (12 inch) high with sculpted face and natural goat hair. It can be girl or a boy, in any available skin tone and hair style you want. To finish all work during four sessions basic head will be prepared earlier by a tutor as well as stitched body (participants get a pattern for further use). Throughout the course students will learn how to sculpt small face, cover it with fabric, make a wig, do embroidered eyes, stuffing small limbs, attach hands and finally combining all parts into a doll. Patterns for basic garments are included in workshop's materials but there will be an opportunity to buy some clothes for an extra charge to dress the newly created doll. Feel invited to join me in a doll making adventure!






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Date: 12th June evening after dinner

EWDOR is just around the corner, and we are so excited for you to see what’s in store. We’ve brought together a unique and inspiring group of speakers, with a schedule full of engaging events and networking meetups. Don’t miss out!

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